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There are three major festivals in the Bahamas, well in Nassau! Our job is to help you experience the Bahamas through music, culture and food.

Winter: Junkanoo Dec 26 & Jan 1| Spring: Bahamas Carnival first weekend in May  | Summer Junkanoo Summer Festival June – July



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Thursday, April 30 Night it’s J’ouvert night in the City with two big J’ouverts happening on both ends of the island.


Friday, May 1 Carnival weekend kicks off with a plethora of events and activities, however, the Jumpoff starts at “Trap in Paradise” Day Pool Party by Goddess Gang, Black Carpet Ent, Starchasers & SocaPopUpParty. Later that evening, pop out to the official Mas Paradise weekend of concerts and Caribbean Entertainment.


Sunday, May 3 It’s “Waves Boat Ride” by DJ Bravo & Fresh Ent Bah. All inclusive (Free Drinks & Food)

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Bahamas Carnival 2020

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Airport Pick up | Event Tickets (Concerts + 1 Fete) |Band Liaison (Band Registration & costume delivery where available)

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2022  Carnival

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Bahmas Carnival

May 6 - 8, 2021


May 28, 2022

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Miami Carnival

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Latest Events

Insomniac DJ Festival Friday, May 6, 2022 in Nassau, Bahamas at Xscape Lounge & Nightclub. 12 hours 12 DJs one great party. 3 ticket options vip + premium + Ultra premium All tickets purchased online

Insomniac DJ Festival

 Friday, May 6, 2022 in Nassau, Bahamas at Xscape Lounge & Nightclub. 12 hours 12 DJs one great party. 3 ticket options vip + premium + Ultra premium All tickets purchased online


Xscape Lounge & Nightclub located Downtown, Nassau, Bahamas Modern and spacious

Nassau, Bahamas
1 242-361-6000
1 954-338-6841

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Explore the sounds of the Bahamas.As we redefine the scope of culture on a global scale.

Bahamian artists are ready for Carnival!

AJG Bahamian Pull UP
Shine 242
Julien Believe
Dyson Knight
Nishie L. S


A diverse collective  of Hospitality, Festival, Club, Radio & New Media  DJs  from the Bahamas come together to form the #BTeamDJs+. Experience the difference!


DJ Kozmo
B Team DJs Podcast DJ Kozmo
DJ Bash
DJ Bash B Team DJ located in the Bahamas. Mic Man, Host, Dancehall, Bahamian & Soca DJ
DJ Shutdown
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Fresh Intl
The PLUS in the the B Team . Introducing a new edition to the B Team DJs by PlayMas.Today
Africa Allah
delivered with passion to inspire freedom. Subscribe to #beingAfricaAllah on Discover Music Channel by PlayMas.Today Urban, Caribbean and Talk (Tech and business) Subscription based $3 a month